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Oxjam: Grand Total £????!

After a run of gigs throughout Somerset Team Gklastonbury’s Oxjam 2015 has come to an end. We took part in 3 events – The King Arthur and later Bocabar in Glastonbury with The White Hart in Taunton inbetween. There were other nights throughout the month with countless other bands and artists taking part all overseen by the marvellous Missy Edwards, who also performed a series of awesome shows.

After totaling it all up we can now reveal that a brilliant £1020.43 was raised for Oxfam – not bad at all. Well done to everyone involved! sSsx


1 weekend, 3 gigs: Taunton, Glastonbury and Hambridge for OxJam and Halloween

The Legendary snakeSNAKEsnake will be playing three times this coming weekend, raising money for OxJam and entertaining folk with some hill-billy halloween hijinks:

  • Friday evening: The White Hart in Taunton,
  • Saturday afternoon: Bocabar in Glastonbury,
  • Saturday evening: The Lamb and Lion, Hambridge

Friday 30th October we will be headlining at The White Hart, Taunton, for the penultimate leg of OxJam in Somerset. We’ll be on at 10.30, following a night of great music by other local acts. For more info, visit the Facebook event page.

OxJam White Hart 12186482_10205350630060605_2048574001847237814_o   Oxjam Bocabar 2015 12105816_10205246241730962_8151870797122324172_n  OxJam Gazette preview 12107771_1103522986327313_7722005631777193905_n

Then on Saturday, we’re putting on our Halloween outfits, bringing out the dodgy Halloween cover-song-medleys and playing at the final OxJam event at Bocabar in Glastonbury. This event has been in the local press who as you can see are never shy of an eye-grabbing headline to try to steal some kudos from other, bigger, cooler, national events such as film premieres and spies. But we don’t need Daniel Craig as we have our own (Matt) Bond, along with a host of fantastic acts, including Missy Edwards, formerly of Missart and culminating with Nick Parker & The False Alarms.

Lamb and Lion Frightful night 2 12112202_951372168263531_3319033734735736234_n

The Legendary snakeSNAKEsnake will be playing mid afternoon (3pm ish) to allow time to get over to The Lamb and Lion to play into the night at their Fright NIght.

The last time we played at The Lamb and Lion was their Wassail. It was a crackin’ night and we’ve been longing to get back since. Proper farmhouse scrumpy, great food and they’ll be putting on special ‘spooky cocktails’.

So there you have it. 3 opportunities to get dressed up, get out, get drinking and dancing and raise some money for a good cause too. What’s stopping you? Best start making your fancy dress costume, innit?

See you down the front!


OxJam The King Arthur


Well done to all who came and helped make OxJam at The King Arthur a success.

In 2014 the at Oxjam King Arthur raised £164. After adding up all the pennies, foreign coins, old lottery tickets, micro sd cards and other dodgy material. this year we smashed it by raising £274.01!

Unfortunately, on the night a last minute family emergency meant that we were down to 2 men and had to do some quick thinking but managed to get something together and helped to out part. And we doff our caps to all the other amazing musicians who donated their time and talent for free: UKID, TheEntangledband, Henry Wacey, Paul O’Reilly for sound engineering even though he was feeling unwell, The King Arthur for hosting, Phoenix Somerset, GFM and Central Somerset Gazette for their help to promote the event and everyone who came to support the event and donated to Oxfam. Especially big well-done to Missy Edwards who not only masterminded the whole event but also made a fantastic post-Missart live debut.  Lots of pictures and video from the night are circulating Facebook and we’ll have some to upload here soon.

We’ll also be playing at two further OxJam Somerset events at the end of the month: Friday 30th at The White Hart in Taunton and 31st at Glastonbury Bocabar (hopefully with all 3 of us this time). To find out more about Oxjam look on www.phoenixsomerset.org.uk.

This week: OxJam Glastonbury at The King Arthur and Glastonbury FM

Next up on The Legendary snakeSNAKEsnake’s calendar is the first leg of OxJam at the King Arthur Inn, Glastonbury on Friday October 2nd.

Oxjam Arthur 2016 12002068_1079407418738870_4520637801394331337_nGrim pictures in the news recently remind us all what an important role charities like Oxfam play in the world so we are really pleased to be able to do our bit. And we always love playing down at the Arfer so what could be better?

I’ll tell you what – it ain’t just us but a stack of other acts from across the musical spectrum: Missy Edwards, Henry Wacey, Entangled Band, Duncan Batey and UK:ID. There’s got to be something there to take your fancy!

And they’ve got proper cider in the King Arthur too.

To promote the gig, we’ll be appearing on Glastonbury FM the night before to play a few songs. So tune in to 107.1 FM (or listen online) Thursday evening and hear how that goes.

Hope to see you on Friday for a proper good night out!


Photos from Oxjam 2014: Bath / Glastonbury & Street

We had lots of fun taking part in Oxjam this year, shaking our snakes in both The Bell Inn and Belushis in Bath as well as at the Bocabar in Glastonbury. Hats off to the organisers, performers and everyone else involved in raising a shed load of money for a great cause. Glastonbury & Street’s event raised over £1600 and Bath’s grand total is over £3000!

An added bonus was getting these rockin’ photos from the event photographers!

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