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Sunday 30th July: Muddy Gert Fun @ TheLowland Games

This Sunday The Legendary snakeSNAKEsnake will be returning for more ‘muddy gert fun‘ at The Lowland Games in Thorney, near Langport.


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Thank you Lowland Games

You were a lot of fun.

We hope that those of you that wrestled in the mud and swam in the river managed to get the dirt out of all of your parts.

We hope those of you that ate your way through the ‘Chunder Challenge’ didn’t regret it later.

We hope those of you that woke up to find your head had been shaved without your knowing have managed to make up with your partners.

And special thanks to ‘the oldest DJ in Crewkerne’ for her percussion duties throughout. We hope you managed to find your way home and that Wood’s Cider didn’t leave you in a ditch.

We look forward to returning for more ‘gert muddy fun’ in the future.

sSs x

Saturday: Farmfest. Sunday: The Lowland Games

This weekend will be a busy one for us snakes as we have the privilege of playing at two fantastic events.



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