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snakeSNAKEsnake news about new stuff – gigs, tracks, babies


It’s beanz a while snakefans. We’ve bean busy. Our Chris has added to the snake family with a dear little baby girly! Huzzah! Welcome to the world lil’ snakette x

We’ve beanz in the studio too and you can now finally hear the results.

We’ve put down 10 tracks – new recordings of Whoo-wee and River Parrett along with The Ballad of David Van Day, Celebrity Laboratory, Bad Dudes, shakeSHAKEshake, Coffee Table Porn (The J-Lo Song), Red Yob Yellow Yob, Glastifarian and Roses on Her Grave.

Two of the tracks, Roses on Her Grave and shakeSHAKEshake have bean added to our Soundcloud playlist.

You can ‘ear ’em here:

We’ve also got a couple of festive live dates coming up.

  • New Year’s Day you’ll find us returning to The King Alfred in Othery. Come nurse your hangover with us!
  • January 18th we’re playing at a Wassail in Low Ham – doing our bit to make sure there’s enough cider for us all next season. Come join the appled fuelled silliness.

Anyways, if we don’t see you before, have yerselves a Merry Lidl Christmas and a Happy Nude Ear!

Wassail! Wassail!




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