Sunday 30th July: Muddy Gert Fun @ TheLowland Games

This Sunday The Legendary snakeSNAKEsnake will be returning for more ‘muddy gert fun‘ at The Lowland Games in Thorney, near Langport.


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The Lowland Games day is a fantastic, family day out complete with the River Raft Race, Mud Wrestling, It’s a Knockout, Tug o’ War, The Kids Tent, Dog Shows and Ferret Racing plus a super tasty range of local food and drink. And the grand finale the “Chunder Challenge”.

We’ll be playing throughout the day in the beer tent, in between events (and trips to the bar).

The event is a proper taste of westcountry craziness. Last year was a blast and very very entertaining. We’ve had inside intelligence on the ingredients for this year’s chunder challenge and it sounds like it going to be even better/worse/more gross than ever!

If you’ve never been, you should go. If you’ve been, then you know why you should go again.

See you down the front



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