Senseless Things tribute album – now out!

We are very proud to feature a track on the new Senseless Things Tribute album “Punk, Not Fraggle”.

The album features 15 tracks by 15 bands all covering songs by 90s indie punk pop kids The Senseless Things and is a fundraiser for The Teenage Cancer Trust. We’ve heard it and it’s a corker – every track is a belter (working from great source material of course!)

Our contribution is this version of “Fishing at Tescos”.

The album is only £5 and available here – buy it!

FYI: The original version of Fishing At Tescos features on the album “First of Too Many” and is one of the B-sides to the single “Got it at The Delmar”, both with Jamie Hewlett (Gorillaz) artwork. It sounds like this…

We are big fans of The Senseless Things, who soundtracked our teenage years. They never quite got the chart success they deserved but were responsible for some of the most electrifying live performances – like these:

They recently reformed for a few gigs – which were brilliant – especially for all the fortysomethings who thought they’d never get to stagedive again!

Anyway, go check em out for yourselves. They deserve your attention. But first, buy this tribute album.


sSs x


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