Godney Gathering: Saturday 16th July

So finally the time is upon us and we will be making our Godney debut at this very popular festival this weekend. So popular in fact, tickets have sold out except for a few in local retail outlets (Jaywalk Guitars and Chop Hairdressers may still have some…)


We’re very excited. We’re not allowed to tell you when we’re on, but it’s safe to say that it’s late enough in the day that if you are lucky enough to have tickets you’ll have plenty of time to lubricate your dancing parts and come and join us for a jolly good knees up.

See you down the front!


[PS: We are very very sad to announce that we will not be appearing at Wonky Donk festival this Friday after all. Unfortunately, other unforeseen commitments in the day have meant that we will not be able to get to our allotted slot on time. We hope to do it next year. But if you plan to go don’t let our absence deter you. The line up looks fantastic and we’re sure it’ll be a blast. We’re just sad not to be there enjoying it with you. All the more reason to give it some extra snakin’ at Godney on Saturday.]


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