OxJam The King Arthur


Well done to all who came and helped make OxJam at The King Arthur a success.

In 2014 the at Oxjam King Arthur raised £164. After adding up all the pennies, foreign coins, old lottery tickets, micro sd cards and other dodgy material. this year we smashed it by raising £274.01!

Unfortunately, on the night a last minute family emergency meant that we were down to 2 men and had to do some quick thinking but managed to get something together and helped to out part. And we doff our caps to all the other amazing musicians who donated their time and talent for free: UKID, TheEntangledband, Henry Wacey, Paul O’Reilly for sound engineering even though he was feeling unwell, The King Arthur for hosting, Phoenix Somerset, GFM and Central Somerset Gazette for their help to promote the event and everyone who came to support the event and donated to Oxfam. Especially big well-done to Missy Edwards who not only masterminded the whole event but also made a fantastic post-Missart live debut.  Lots of pictures and video from the night are circulating Facebook and we’ll have some to upload here soon.

We’ll also be playing at two further OxJam Somerset events at the end of the month: Friday 30th at The White Hart in Taunton and 31st at Glastonbury Bocabar (hopefully with all 3 of us this time). To find out more about Oxjam look on www.phoenixsomerset.org.uk.


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