Snakes are coming to Taunton!

The Legendary snakeSNAKEsnake will be making their debut performance in Taunton on Saturday 26th September at the CIC (Creative Innovation Centre).

We’re playing as part of an Acoustic Night with some other great acts. Tickets are £7 in advance or £9 on the door. You can find out more details and order tickets here.

Amazingly, this will be the first time sSs have played Taunton and has been sometime in the making. We were originally approached over a year ago but every date available clashed with other commitments.

Many, many moons ago a couple of us have played there wearing different musical hats in different musical venues. What was Chambers is now a disused basement under Bills, and Cafe Mambo has gone along with several other great music venues that used to grace the town and many good nights were had there. That’s why we’re so interested in what is happening at CIC as well as the work of Phoenix Somerset Music in trying to revive Taunton’s music seen and we’re looking forward to being part of it. So if you live nearby and like proper live music, come show your support and we’ll show you a good time!



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