Chillifest love

What a superb weekend at Upton Cheyney Chilli fest. After a year away it was great to be back.

We met so many cool people and saw so much cool stuff: Sicknote Steve and his home made double neck guitar/portable drinks cabinet, Sue Fairy’s hospitality and flaming washing machine, Zeus the Dog, Steve Wurzel‘s songs about cider and cheese (and cider), zebra and python burgers and chilli everything. And most of all the many members of the public who stopped by, watched and joined in with our musical nonsense. And thanks to Harry the Ukeleleguywemetinthepubthenightbefore who deputied for Chris on Sunday. Biggest thanks to Alex Chilli for having back again.

We’ve already had a few pix and vids posted to the facebook page, so if you were one of the many with your camera pointing at the weirdos playing music next to the pigsty, feel free to share the evidence. We think we spotted an official event photographer going round to so if those pics appear we’ll share them on here too if we can.

Thanks again all – hope to see you next year when we’ll do it all again.




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