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Priddy Folk Festival Sunday 12th July

Today The Legendary snakeSNAKEsnake will be appearing in the Fringe tent at Priddy Folk festival, stage time 2.30. Details on tickets here.

We’re still not sure who the Priddy Folk are. Are they like the Diddy Men? Do they like priddy flowers? Are they Priddy Vacant? They have a whole festival just for them so they must be priddy special, whoever they are.

We’ll find out this afternoon! See you down the front?


PS: Apologies to anyone who came to us at WonkyDonk yesterday. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we were unable to make it. We’re confident that if you did go you still would have had a rollicking good time cos the line up looked ace – we were very sad not to be there ourselves. However, we’re penciled in for next year so hopefully we’ll join the Wonkydonkers then!


WonkyDonk & The Priddy Folk

Sounds like a good name for a band doesn’t it? But actually, these are the names of two festivals we’re playing this weekend.

10653714_10206924731060754_6678404813240215524_nOn Saturday you’ll find us at WonkyDonk, a ‘Roots Revival Festival’ at Lychett Matravers near Poole,  Dorset that raises money for poorly Donkeys and has a great looking bill of bands – look for yourself!

Come dance and kick some ass, for these asses.

Following that, on Sunday we’ll be at the esteemed Priddy Folk festival,  in the Fringe tent.

This’ll be our first time at either festival but they look like absolute corkers so we’re looking forward to a busy weekend and hope that you can join us.

While we’re at – thanks to Adam and his good patrons at The Bear Inn, WSM. We had a good sing-a-long in the bar and you all made a fantastic rhythm section. And we got to have some fish and chips by the sea. We hope to see you again soon.

See you down the front


Weston-Snakey-Mare Saturday 4th July @The Bear Inn

This Saturday (4th July) you’re invited to come and watch The Legendary snakeSNAKEsnake at The Bear Inn, Weston Super Mare.

This’ll be our first time at the venue but we’re excited since it ran by the fantastic chap Adam, (who launched Scrumpstock festival) and the listings feature some other great bands. So we’re looking forwards to putting on our knotted hankies and budgie smugglers, hitting the beach and getting some sand in our fish and chips, before hitting the pub for a cider-fuelled holiday knees-up.

We’ve also heard there’s gonna be a ‘sex rampage!’

See you down the front!


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