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New Autumn Dates Coming In…

We’ve a few more live dates to add to the calendar…

September 27th (Saturday) Cic Cic, Taunton

October 1st (Wednesday): The King Arthur, Glastonbury

October 10th (Friday), The Sheppey, Godney

October 18th (Saturday) Oxjam, (Venue TBC) Bath

November 1st (Saturday) Oxjam Glastonbury – The Red Brick Building.

December 13th (Saturday) The Bear Inn Weston Super Mare

More to follow soon…

Come see us for a dance



Outcider Festival 2014: The Movie

You can now see a highlight reel of the Outcider festival on Youtube. Check it out.

The soundtrack is Get Scrumpy by The mighty Skimmity Hitchers.

We make a brief appearance  at about 2.18…


Most productive open mic night ever?

We decided to cancel our weekly rehearsal in favour of going along to a couple for open mic nights last night, at Hawthorns and The King Arthur Inn in Glastonbury. Played two pubs, tore them both apart, SOLD OUT our last 10 pressings of the first EP, got FIVE potential bookings and generally rocked Glastonbury. You Glastafarians know how to party on a Tuesday! See you there again soon!


Outcider! As awesome as it sounds!

We had a fab time at the inaugural Outcider fest on Saturday. We opened up the main stage to a lovely welcome. I suspect a fair few of the audience were still drunk from the night before. We also got to see some amazing other acts, including Glastonbury’s own John D Revelator and met some lovely people. Great food. Great atmosphere. Oh, and there was loads of great cider. Absolutely spot on. Hats off to Skimmity Kev and his crew. Can’t wait until next year.

We’ll try and get some photos up here soon, but in the meantime here’s a review on efestival.

sSs x



Best political protest ever? Eat Apples, drink cider. Stick it to Putin!

We think that this is the best political protest ever.

“Stand against Putin: eat apples, drink cider”

Bar owner Jozef Czarnocki bites an apple and holds a bottle of cider in defiance of Russia's ban

Apparently Russia’s Putin has got all shirty about the various EU sanctions he’s been given so has slapped an embargo on importing Polish apples. So a Polish paper has responded by starting a hashtag and selfie campaign of Poles posing eating apples and drinking cider. We can’t of a better way to stick it to the man! We’re with you Polish cider drinkers!

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