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Cheers Scrumpstock!

Thanks again Scrumpstock! We had a great time.The new location was gert lush and it was great to individuals so committed to the cider-drinking cause in spite of the inclement weather. (I feel that the drag-queen pirate I saw being helped towards the toilets at about 3.30pm may have peaked a little early though).

Unfortunately, other commitments stopped us seeing the whole weekend but we did get to sample some fine scrumpy and see some great bands while we were there. Big Joe Bone kicked ass with his stomping ‘Blues-grass’ on slide guitar, harmonica and stomp box. The charming Buffo’s Wake were a great gypsy-folk Gogol Bordello/Tom Waits sort of affair from Brighton bursting with talent and fun and Russian tinged stomps about David Hasselhoff. Well recommended. And words simply can’t describe the genius, theatrical lunacy of the one-wizard-orchestra Ash Mandrake. But if you ever get a chance to see him, you really really should!

Hope to see you there again next year!



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