Well, scrumpstock was pretty wild. I’ve never seen such cidered up silliness and we truly enjoyed it. We had a few tech issues on on Saturday set but things came together lovely in the sun on Sunday.

A few scrumping highlights:

1) Beards. Big beards. Singing beards. Knitted beards. Lacey lady beards. Everywhere.

2) Fancy dress animals. Badger men, rabbits and a wookie with a real owl on his shoulder

Wookie Owl 481534_10151419203811394_59059407_n

3) Cider Effects – as well as much dancing fun, Chris Snake was also pleased to bump into a man who’d pooed himself in the bog and was showing him by putting his hand down his own trousers. It was only 6pm. The man shamefully said he’d done the same thing last Friday!

4) ‘Viva Lyme Regis’

5) Everyone at the Somerset Paddies having their own sticks ready for The Wurzels’ Blackbird

6) Pirates

7) What is it about The Wurzels, Johny Cash and Toots and the Maytals that gets their music played so much in one place? What do they have in common? Odd, but brilliant combination.

8) Trying to talk with incomprehensible drunkards

9) Lady completing a lap of the speedway dirt track on a zimmer frame

10) The weather.

And much more… Hope to be there again next year.

We love you Scrumpstock sSs x

Here’s some pictures from the weekend – thanks to Magic Candle Photography for the good work

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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