Monthly Archives: November 2012

sSsnakes in a sSstudio

Looks a little quiet on the snake front but rest assured many things are happening behind closed doors. Like Rubber Duck said in Convoy we are ‘just like a duck – stay smooth on the surface but paddle like the devil underneath’.

We’ve been working on lots of new songs, which we’re rather pleased with and can’t wait to showcase. We’ve got songs coming about Boiling Frogs, Jeremy Kyle Weddings, Bad Dudes, Glastafarians, apples, and 3 Legged dogs. You’ll just have to wait.

We’re also all snaking with excitement as we get set to go in the studio this weekend ready to start laying down some tracks for a first album. As soon as it’s ready you’ll all be first to know.

Til then, keep it snakey…

sSsnakey & the Bandit x


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