Chillifest 2012!

A big thank you to Alex and the others for inviting us to play at Chillifest.  It really was a wicked little festival, lots of fun and lots of great food and drink. Sadly, Kev our banjo player was recovering  from a bug and not able to indulge fully but the rest of us did and great stuff it was. A chilli ‘cook off’. Chilli cider, chilli ale, chilli stout! Chilli burgers. Chilli chocolate. Chilli everything! Plus mud wrestling, belly dancing, face painting. and more. And then the incredible chilli eating contest which saw amazing feats of human endeavor as brave men (and a woman) took on ever increasingly hot chillies – including the Guinness records world’s hottest! TWICE! Hats off to ‘The Curry Monster’ & ‘The Chilli Warrior’ on their win. I would not be wanting to share a bathroom with you the next day though. Thank you also to our audience volunteer for playing kazoo for us in duellin’ banjos. Good show all round.

We had a fantastic day and are very pleased to have been asked to come back next year. Can’t wait. We’ll be posting some video and photos of yesterday soon so come back and have a look.

sSs x


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