Pitfest 2012

We really enjoyed Pitfest at the weekend. A really fun little festival and even though the weather kept us guessing it turned into a lovely evening.

We opened the day, following a Zumba class. I was tired just watching! Quite a sight to see so many (mostly women) Zumba-ing in wellies, while the blokes stood at the back and drank ale. Quite an act to follow too.

Sadly BenSnake (cello) had to be else where so it was just the two of us (SnakeSnake if you like) and although things were a bit shakey in places (best not to use your new banjo pick up for the very first time out of the box at a gig with no sound check!), we seemed to go down well.

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We also had the pleasure of seeing some other great bands. Highlight for me was ‘Ship of Fools‘ (http://www.shipoffoolssomerset.org) who played a fantastic set including The Four Lads’ ‘Istanbul’ (made famous by They Might Be Giants), Gogol Bordello’s ‘Start wearing purple’ and an inspired, sort of ‘gypsy jazz’ version of Duran Duran’s ‘Hungry Like a Wolf‘. They had the crowd in their hands by the end of it.

Unfortunately, our plans to go busk with tractors and traction engines at the Somerset Steam Spectacular did not work out since it was cancelled on the Saturday. Hopefully we’ll get to do it next year, along with Pitfest.

We’re hoping to wear our busking boots into a few more festivals, fetes and fandangos, so may see you around!

sSs x


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