Upcoming ShowsSs

We are looking forward to playing at a couple of events in Somerset soon.

sSsaturday 14th July we’ll be appearing at Pitfest 2012, a fun little family music festival raising money for Pitney Playing Fields. There’s music all day and extra activities for da kidsSs. We’re on from 2-2.30pm.

We’ll then be making our way up the road to the Somerset Steam Spectacular where we’ll be busking around the arena and indulging in a cider or two.

Unfortunately, we’ll be without Ben our celloist for both of these events. It won’t sSsound quite right without him.

But there will be a lot of tractors and traction engines about. Maybe we can find a temporary solution by nicking an idea off these guys…


One response to “Upcoming ShowsSs

  • keith and sarah (soon to be Coomber)

    hi met you at the chilli fest. Ever fancied playing in a castle? . Let us know if you do as we are looking for a fun band to play for our guests and thought you were great.

    ps we dont own it so be kind about charges! !!!!!

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